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Conversations with Just Bill, Featuring: Diane Sismour 11/04 by ...
Nov 5, 2013 - Join us this week as we welcome our guest : Diane Sismour from 7-9 EDT, who was a judge in the World Healing / World Peace Poetry 2012

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Apr 22, 2013 - Join us as we welcome : Diane Sismour, Author, Writer, Creator of Network for the Arts.

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Aug 24, 2013 - Uploaded by SurvivalRadioNetwork
Poet/writer Diane Sismour recites a poem and talks about her writing on "the Conversation" w. host Klarque Garrison ...


key to the universe  by diane sismour 5/30/2013

lives crisscross through a
template, persevering to reconnect.
what key must we hold to find to each other, by
living rites of passage, frights, ends, breached beginnings?
following our selves through eras, escaping each in a breath. we
trust a moment before the final pause, instincts to veer or duck, ever
splintering in time. lifting forward, tracing back, playing one into another,
wondering what we know is true,                 and fearful there is more to learn.
I hear your heart, for mine is the                       same. remembered snippets and
glimpses, parts of us together in long                  ago lives, fragments we envision in
dreams. hearts trill to sing, drowned in sorrow, fueling us through every cycle. a turn
in events, for better or worse, trite retrospect, changing who we are to alter the next
realm, when we fear the outcome, worry what is next, and retreat or lose our way.
until a spark renews our quest, focusing our vision, understanding nothing,
searching to uncover the path. how can we find the one through eras,
wading into every age to intersect? reunions of the
soul, passing crossroads, placed by
coincidence, by serendipity
or more, to reinstate
 familiars, eternal
 lovers seeking the
 other, jolted into
present. to see
you smile, our
eyes don’t lie
or hide from who we are, sought
through dreams, to listen to your
 heart beat with mine, in this here
and now. our souls content, if
only for a moment,
we found the key
to forever again.



resuscitate by diane sismour 12/7/2013

hibernating       in  emotion,
sluggish to move, your hands cajole life
into my limbs. warmth seeps through veins, the
thaw burns in every fiber, breaking molds, flesh yearning
to feel, alive once again. oxygen sustains me. I breathe you in to
survive. wanting nothing more than to savor this moment, as your
lips scorch a trail, searing in their path. raking fingers over your limbs
long awakened, you                                              resuscitate my soul,
merging with yours.                                      bliss entombs our
world, slumber long forgotten. your spirit, a salve for my
heart, beating with yours. steady, strong, til you rise.
the clock slows. every muscle hurts. the
mold sets, frozen, as your lips
leave mine.


searching by diane sismour 12/12/2012

where are you my love?
where are you tonight?
gazing at the stars,
on this lonely night.

I look for you beneath the moon,
gazing far and wide.
the glow, a buoy lantern,
bobbing in the sky.

where are you my love?
where are you tonight?
across the globe, a distant land,
waiting there for me.

I will cross the world and back
each lifetime will sustain,
to find the soul, a part of me,
until you are with thee.

where are you my love?
where are you tonight?
the moon alights upon you,
and now all will be right.

for if you move, my love.
for if you turn away.
my heart will surely break in two.
my heart would never stray.

so follow me, my love.
stay with me tonight.
into a dream forever,
into my dreams tonight.


misery by diane sismour May 2013

the signal weakens as you leave.
hearts heal,
minds clear,
and I am almost whole.
an imposter to myself.
until latitudes collide,
and what is missing returns,
the torment,
to savor,


widow by diane sismour 9/6/2013

do you know me?
maybe so.
or is this a mirage
to sway you closer.

step into my snare.
don’t turn to flee.
don’t you want to know
the real me?

I could be the naïve
you hoped to encounter.
bubble-gum lips,
innocent and shy.

decayed by evil.
don’t let the leather
deceive you.

as my lips skim over a smile.
and your fingers
glide along black lace
you’ll wonder, which is true.

But we both know,
as those before.
once done,
you will never leave my web.



non-conceptual sons by diane sismour 11/2013

the eve burns the heavens,
slashed fingerpaints across a pale wall,
streak west as Mars
winks below the mountain shroud.

the goddess of love and war
blazes a path,
brilliant against all others,
seeking conquest.

saturn promises her rings,
but dogs uncertain,
which mood venus brings
as the crimson sky blackens.

while guarding the orchard,
dracon slinks from little to big,
taking a sip from each.
his forked tongue flicks.

enticing as an apple in Eden
nymphs golden nature,
luring with ease, for
mother nature of the gods.

gaia, the giver of earth,
the universe, the sky,
a gift with each union,
but for pontus, of the sea.

how can it be, in greek mythology,
a non-conceptual son?
a story told, to countless in folds,
of being the only one.

until one night, a star shone bright
and the planets followed their paths.
the angel cried, a king is born
of mary, full of grace.

is salvation the key?
don’t ask buddha
for fortune could elude you
and then who will you be?

time passes,
the universe spins,
wars rage, mankind changes,
the moon dips his head.

what other stories
are there of mothers,
who wept to the heavens,

to bless their non-conceptual beds.


emptiness by diane sismour 11/29/2012

A starless void,
chill as glacial streams
hushes the whispers

reality grips the pulp and shakes
to tilt the plain, the usual
and force a path

balancing on toes
across razor wire,
thin, sharp, exact

trembling, not to succumb
before falling
deeper into emptiness

fear carves grooves
to guide the blinded
the disheartened